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Are Single Men Welcome

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Are Single Men Welcome?

Yes, with some restrictions.

If the party is advertised as a "Couples and Singles" Party, then we allow 4 single men to attend.

Any restrictions on the age or sexuality of the male guests will be noted on the guest list page.

Due to men blocking spaces by booking a long way in advance, then cancelling at the last moment leaving other guys no chance to make arrangements to attend we now require full payment by e-transfer within 24 hours of booking. Payments will only be refunded if for any reason we have to cancel the event.

Single men can sell their place to another single man if they are unable to attend.

Single men may only attend if they reserve the correct ticket type.

If the party is advertised as a "Greedy Girl Party" there are more spaces for single men, the number of places available will be listed on the party information page.

If the party is advertised as a "Couples Only Party" No single men may attend.

In our experience, of arranging over 500 parties and many play dates, single men are very unreliable.

They will Book to Attend a Party, then decide they cannot be bothered to make the effort to shower, change and drive to the party.

Often it is because the man is not actually single, but married and cheating on his partner. Or they decide it will be more fun to go for a beer with their buddies.

As a result we have a strict rule that if a man fails to attend a party to which he has accepted an invitation we will not extend any further invitations to that man.

We have a limit of 4 places for single men at most parties. The booking system knows how many places can be reserved for each ticket type. When the 4 tickets for single men have been reserved, there will be no tickets available. You should not try to cheat the system by reserving as a couple or lady. The system notifies us when a reservation is made. If we see a single man reserving as a lady or couple we will cancel the reservation and write to the man explaining why. If a man does this a second time we will give him a final warning, a third time we will cancel his profile and add him to the blacklist.

Guys, please do not use a cock shot as your avatar, we will replace it if you do. You can use any image you like inside your profile, but unless you are a dick, a cock shot does not represent who you are.

Your avatar may only contain you or a cartoon representation. It must not contain any other people.


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