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Can We Stay Overnight?

Frequent Questions

Can We Stay Overnight?

This is not something we normally offer.

We let our helpers have first call on the spare bedrooms.

If we do have a room available we offer it to people we know well and we trust.

We let people pitch a tent or park a camper for a party night, we charge $30 which includes breakfast.

You can sleep in your car in the garden, but we don't provide breakfast unless you pay the $30 campers fee.

If we get snowed in, then everyone will have to share beds/airbeds/sofas!

We would always prefer you make sure you are sober enough to drive before you leave, but in an emergency you can crash on a couch.

Chamcook and Saint Andrews has dozens of Hotels, Inns, B&B's and Motels to suit every pocket.

If you have been drinking at a party please use a car share to get back to your hotel, you can collect your car in the morning.

Click the button below for a list of some local hotels.

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