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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

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Questions About Swinging

What Is Swinging? What Is Soft Swinging? Who Swings? How Do I Become a Swinger? My wife played with Mr Smith, Must I play with his wife? How can I persuade my partner to come to a party?

Rules and Consent

Consent House Party Rules Swingers Party Etiquette Terms & Conditions Greedy Girl Party Rules Rules for Single Men

About The Parties

How Much is the Donation? Do you have pictures of the parties? Can I take Photos at the Party? We Are A Couple Curious About The Lifestyle What is a Greedy Girls Party? What Should I Wear to a Party? What Should I bring to a party? What Should I Expect at a Party? What Do The Wristbands Mean? How Do You Vet Your Guests? Must We Play At A Party? What Is The Difference Between House Parties and a Club? Can I Come To The After Party? What Are The Party Age Limits? What Is The Average of the Guests?

About The Venue

Where Are The Parties Held? What Facilities Do You Have? What Is The Darkroom? How Big Are The Lockers? What Is Covered By The Donation? What Drinks Do You Stock? Can We Stay Overnight?

Booking Process

How Do I book? Why Do I Need To Book? Who Can Attend The Parties? How Much is the Donation? How Does The Waiting List Work? How Can We Pay? What if my partner cannot attend? Can I Bring A Friend With Me?

General Information

Why Don't The Hosts Ask Anyone To Play? How can we contact you in an emergency? Where Can I stay? Local Taxi Service Can You Get Me Some Viagra? What Were The Survey Results? Lexicon of Terms Must I be Vaccinated?

At The Party

How Do I Know Who is Straight or Bi? Must I use a condom at the party? How will we know who wants to play with us? Who comes to the parties? Is Bi-sexual activity allowed?

Website Questions

What Is The Sign Up Process? How Can I Delete My Profile? Why Was My Profile Deleted? How Can We Block Someone? Promote Your Event What Are The Strike Stamps? What Are The Genuine Stamps? What Are The Rosettes? What Are The Slut Stamps?

Sexual Health

Do you have the knowledge and qualifications to help us build a section on sexual health for this website?

What Is Herpes?