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Jo and David's

Atlantic Canada Swingers Parties

Who Comes To The Parties?

Frequent Questions

Who Comes To The Parties?

  • Any couples or single ladies who have applied to attend and have their names on the guest list.
  • We do our best to ensure that the press does not attend ( although we do have friends who work in the media who swing as well, and would be very unhappy if their bosses or colleagues discovered they were swingers).
  • Swingers we have met over the years have come from every walk of life: Doctors and Nurses (most frequent professions in Canada so far) Judges and Politicians, Priests, Teachers and Headmasters, Financiers, Diplomats, Radio and TV personalities, Sportsmen and women, Trash Collectors, Police, Firefighters, Plumbers, Electricians, Military Personnel, Contractors, Newspaper reporters and editors, Newspaper owners. Basically everyone is represented, from across every profession and every race and every religion, from 18 through to people in their 80's.
  • The people who attend parties are as mixed as any group of people you will find. They have a wide range of occupations and lifestyles.
  • The guests all have one thing in common, they are all out to have a good time without being judgmental of the other guests.
  • The list of attendees to each party is live until the day after the party, you can then see the archived list by clicking on "Previous Events" on the bottom menu.

Who cums at the parties?

  • Just about everyone. :)
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