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Are Single Men Welcome

Frequent Questions

Are Single Men Welcome?

Yes; Respectful, Clean, Sociable single men are very welcome.

Please Read This Page, It explains the conditions for attending.

Reading this page you may feel that we don't like single men. The opposite is true, we prefer to meet single men for Jo to play with while David watches, but in our experience of arranging over 50 events here in Canada we have found the single men are very unreliable. (It is a common issue in every country)

Section 1. Sex is Not Guaranteed

Section 2. Consent is Always Required

Section 3. Age Policy

Section 4. Donation Payment Policy

Section 5. Your Profile

Section 6. Vetting and Banning

Section 7. Recommended Men.

Section 1.

Sex is not guaranteed!

  • We are a swingers party.
  • Swingers do not pay for sex.
  • Swingers do not charge for sex.
  • Sex only happens between people who are attracted to each other.
  • We do not employ or pay people to provide sex for our guests.
  • Our guests are not escorts or prostitutes. We do not allow anyone to pay for, or accept payment for, sex at any of our events.
  • Your donation is not a payment for sex. It is to cover the costs of running the events.

Section 2.

Consent is ALWAYS required

Our rules on consent may be different to other events you have attended. If you break our rules you will be excluded.

  • You must always have Positive Consent from anybody you want to play with.
  • Positive Consent is where they ask you to join them, or where they agree for you to join them by saying yes.
  • A third party cannot give consent for anyone.
  • Consent is not open ended. If a person agrees to play with you, the consent lasts until the end of that interaction.
  • If you want to play with a person again later that evening or at a future event, consent must be given again.
  • Denial of consent is when the person says No, or where their partner says no, or where someone already in the action says no.
    • No always means NO!.
    • No! never means maybe.
    • No! never means yes if you keep trying.
    • Touching a person after you have been told No is a sexual assault.
  • Consent for rough play is not a given.
    • Do not indulge in rough play unless you have been asked to do so, or the person has verbally agreed to rough sex.
    • Save the scratching, biting, slapping, spitting for interactions with people who have explicitly told you that they enjoy/want to have that type of sex.
    • If someone gets rough say no, if they persist, shout NO or STOP, someone will come and rescue you. 
    • Anyone who gets rough with another guest, or continues after they have been asked to stop will be excluded from the party and the site and banned from all future events.
  • Only play with people you are attracted to, and who you want to play with.
  • If someone declines to play with you, respect their decision and move on, do not get upset. The lifestyle depends on people being adults and only playing when both parties are attracted to each other.

Please Note: We are serious about consent. Since we started our Canadian parties in 2021

  • We have excluded 1 man for biting and spitting
  • We have excluded 4 men for harassment of other users
  • We have excluded 3 single man and 1 single lady for ignoring our rules on consent

Section 3.

Age Policy

Single Men are welcome at our events with some restrictions.

  • If the party is advertised as a "Couples and Singles" Party, we normally allow 5 single men to attend.
  • If the party is listed as a "Greedy Girls" event we allow up to 2 times as many men as there are ladies on the guestlist.

In late 2022 we were made aware that the average age of the single men attending events were a bit high.

Most of the ladies looking for fun are looking for younger men, either of a similar age to themselves, or younger.

The younger ladies are not looking for men who remind them of their fathers or grandfathers, and some feel quite uncomfortable that they are being hit on by men much older than themselves.

We had a look back at the previous guest lists and confirmed that the number of single men over 50 was quite high.

To address this we have set the following ticket allowances for single men.

If the party limit is 5 men:

  • There will be 3 tickets for single men under 50. (60%)
  • There will be 2 tickets for single men 50 and over. (40%)

If the limit is 10 men:

  • There will be 7 tickets for single men under 50. (70%)
  • There will be 3 tickets for single men 50 and over. (30%)

If the limit is 15 men:

  • There will be 11 tickets for single men under 50. (73%)
  • There will be 4 tickets for single men 50 and over. (27%)

On 6th May 2023 we had 163 single men profiles, of which 139 (85%) are under 50 and 15% over 50.

If we have any query about a mans age we will want to see some form of government issued ID showing your date of birth.

Section 4.

Donation Payment Policy

Due to being let down by single men not attending parties they booked.

We have tightened our policy on allowing single men to attend our events.

We found that Single men would book to Attend a Party

  • Then on the day decide that they cannot be bothered to make the effort to shower, change and drive to the party.
  • Often the man is not actually single, but married and cheating on his partner.
  • Or they decide it will be more fun to go for a beer with their buddies.

So, due to men blocking spaces by booking a long way in advance, then cancelling at the last moment leaving other guys no chance to make arrangements to attend we now require full payment of the party donation either at the time of booking by Debit or Credit Card or within 24 hours of booking by Interac e-transfer to [email protected].

  • If your payment is not received within 24 hours of booking, your booking will be cancelled.
  • If you book the same event again and fail to make your payment within 24 hours your booking will be deleted and you will be blocked.
  • Donation Payments are NOT refundable.
    • However, We will give a refund if for any reason WE have to cancel the event.
  • Single men can attempt to sell their place to another single man if they are unable to attend.
  • We will move your payment to a different party only if you request the change at least 48 hours before the party you have booked for, and there is availability at the alternate event.
  • We will only reallocate your payment a maximum of 3 times.
  • If the donation is not used within 3 months of the date of the original party booked it will be forfieted.

The booking system knows how many places can be reserved for each ticket type at each event. When the maximum number of tickets for single men have been booked, there will be no more tickets available.

The Join button will disappear, and you will be unable to join a waiting list. Click Here to see how the waiting list works.

Section 5.

Your Profile

Everyone has to have a profile to be able to book and attend our events.

  • Guys, please do not use a cock shot as your avatar, we will replace it if you do.
  • You can use any cock shots inside your profile, but unless you are a dick, a cock shot does not represent who you are.
  • Your avatar may only contain you or a cartoon representation. It must not contain animals or any other people.
  • The information in your profile should be factual, If we find out your details are inaccurate we may delete your profile.
  • All images you use should be of you. You must have written permission to use the pictures if anyone else is included in the images.
  • Images from the internet may not be used as an avatar or inside your profile or gallery, we reverse search all images to make sure they are not copyright.
  • We do not allow the use of images showing children.

Section 6.

Vetting and Banning

We do some research into people creating profiles on our site.

  • We talk to the organizers of other events who warn us about people who have caused issues at their events.
  • We have contacts within the police who tip us off if a person creating a profile is a known criminal.
  • We check the internet for details of people creating profiles.
  • We listen to feedback from members who have had interactions with new joiners.

We will delete and bar anyone we find out has criminal convictions for:

  • Sexual offences of any kind against adults, children or animals.
  • Assault or Murder
  • Dealing Narcotics
  • Domestic Abuse

We WILL ban anyone who physically or verbally abuses us or any of our guests.

Section 7.

Recommended Men

Ladies who play with single men and think they are "Good or Great" are able to nominate them for a "Recommended" rosette.

If a man is nominated several times by different women there will be a number at the bottom right to show how many times they have been nominated.

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