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How Does The Waiting List Work

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How Does The Waiting List Work

How Does The Waiting List Work?

Once all the slots at a party have been booked the waiting list will activate.

To make sure that we do not lose track of people who want to be added to the waiting list we have automated the process.

To add your names to the waiting list go to the top left corner of the Guestlist page and click the option "Join Waiting list"

This will record your name on the waiting list with the date and time you added your names.

The system will offer a spot to people whenever someone cancels.

The system knows the category of the ticket available: Couples/single lady/single man etc, and offers places to people in the same category. The offers are issued in date order.

The offers are sent out by email from the party email account [email protected],

To make sure you receive the emails please white list or mark this email address as safe.

The offers sent by the system are only valid for 24 hours. If you receive an offer but do not hit the link within the 24 hour window, the system will remove you from the waiting list and offer the place to the next person in the same category on the list.

If you do not receive the invitation it means you have us tagged as junk mail or spam mail or that your email address on your profile is not valid.