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House Party Rules

We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but sufficient to ensure that most people have an enjoyable time.

The Number 1 Rule at all of our events is: No always means NO.

The Number 2 Rule at all of our events is: Stop always means STOP.

No Always means NO and stop always means STOP - if anyone says no or stop when you ask, or attempt to join them, please respect them and retire.

  • If you persist you will be asked to leave the party.
  • If you hear someone saying no or stop and the other person is not stopping, step in and help stop the offender.
  • Continuing to touch a person who has said no or stop is a sexual assault.
  • We will support any victim of such an assault should they wish to press charges.
  • No still means no and stop still means STOP even if you have agreed other safe words.
    • The reason for this is that when under stress a person can forget an agreed word or phrase, whereas everyone remembers and understands NO! and STOP!.

No Guests Under 18 - We leave pedophilia to the experts in the churches.

No Prostitution - We are a Genuine Swingers Event

  • We do not employ hostesses to have sex with guests.
  • Swingers do not charge each other for sex.
  • People who charge for sex are prostitutes.
  • We do not allow guests at our events to charge for sex.
  • We do not allow guests at our events to solicit.
  • If anyone at our parties asks for money for sex, or for company please tell us, they will be asked to leave.
  • If any member of our site asks you for money to meet, please show us the emails or messages and we will remove their profile.
  • No one at any Genuine Swingers Club or Party is paid to have sex with the other guests.
  • No one at any Genuine Swingers Club or Swingers Party will charge you for sex.
  • If you are charged for sex the Party or Club is actually a brothel and the person charging you is a prostitute.

Party Donation - We ask our guests to contribute to the costs of running the party.

  • The entry donation is a contribution towards the cost of running the party.
  • The parties are non profit. Read More About Donations
  • You are not paying for sex - we do not guarantee you will have sex, that is dependent on the attraction between you and the other guests.
  • If you do not want to contribute, please do not ask to attend and go run your own parties.

Safe Zones - If you need to get away from the action.

  • The Kitchen/dining area is the Safe Zone.
  • Sex is not allowed in the Safe Zone.
  • You will still see naked people passing through the safe zone.

Couples Only Zone - No Single Men.

  • At the request of couples, the top floor of the house is off limits to single men.
  • Single men can visit the 2 Playrooms and Lounge on the ground floor and the playroom in the basement.

Sex is Not Guaranteed - Swingers only play with people they are attracted to.

  • Over the years we have had many single men assume that as they are allowed to attend a party they can have sex with anyone they want.
  • This is not the case. Everyone at a Genuine Swingers Party or Real Swingers Club are attending for their own enjoyment.
  • Guests will only have fun with people they find attractive.
  • Every Guest can say No to any other guest at any time without offering a reason.
  • We do not issue a refund if a man has failed to get any action.

Smokers - No Smoking in the house.

  • We allow the smoking of tobacco and Cannabis products on the back deck, and in Jo's smoke shack.
  • Please put your stubs/butts into one of the ash trays provided, throwing them onto the grass or stubbing them out on the deck is not allowed, we have dogs who will find your butts and try to eat them.

No hard drugs - We have a no drugs policy.

  • There are no drugs, with the exception of Viagra and Cialis that have any positive effects for boosting or helping sexual performance.
  • Most drugs will actually have a negative effect on your sexual performance.
  • It is also more fun to have a partner who is able to communicate coherently.
  • If you find it necessary to use drugs please do so elsewhere before you arrive at the party.
  • We reserve the right to decline entry to people noticeably intoxicated from drug or alcohol use.
  • Do not bring any illegal drugs onto our property.
  • Anyone found using "date rape" drugs, or dealing any drugs will be reported to the police.

Easy on the alcohol - a drunk is not an attractive swinging partner, and excess drinking will impair your performance.

  • We reserve the right to decline entry to people noticeably intoxicated from drug or alcohol use.
  • An intoxicated person does not have the ability to make clear decisions about who they want to play with.

No open drinks upstairs - Spillages Happen

  • Please only take bottled or canned drinks upstairs.
  • After the March 2022 party we had to have the carpets cleaned due to coffee stains.

No pressure - attendance at a party does not mean you are obliged to have sex.

  • Do not try to force, coerce or persuade anyone to do anything they don't want to do - not even your own partner.
  • Do not do anything you do not want to do.
  • If someone tries to do something you have agreed was of limits tell them stop. If they persist yell No or Stop, someone will come to your assistance.

Condoms - The use of a condom is a personal choice.

  • We do not monitor condom use.
  • If either person playing wishes to use a condom then a condom must be used.
  • If both of you are happy to play bareback - play on.
  • We do not provide condoms - see our advice on What to Bring to a Party

Condom Removal During Sex - Now legally referred to as Stealthing.

  • Stealthing is not acceptable at our parties.
  • In many countries it is a criminal offence for a man to remove a condom without the knowledge of their partner.
  • In many countries and most Canadian provinces this is now classed as a sexual assault or rape.

Open bedroom doors - are an invitation to others to come in and watch and maybe join in the fun.

Closed bedroom doors - please respect the privacy of people in the room.

  • Closed doors are not a preferred action, as it reduces the amount of play areas for everyone.
  • If a door is closed for an hour one of us will be coming to chase you out.
  • We have a limited amount of playrooms, it is unfair on the other guests if a room is blocked for a long period for a private party.
  • In response to people blocking rooms for extended periods of time (one couple 3 hours!) we have now reached a compromise with the couples requesting no closed doors. Doors may be closed for play until 10pm. After 10pm you may enter rooms even when the door is closed.

Cameras and camera phones are not allowed - if you want some pix of you in action let Jo or David know, and we will take them before or after the party for you.

  • Please leave your cameras and camera phones in your car or locker.

No Recording Devices - If anyone is found filming or recording we reserve the right to take and destroy the recording.

No Journalism - By attending the party you confirm that you are only there for your own pleasure and not undertaking any research for an article to be broadcast or published in any form.

No On-Duty Enforcement Officers - Any on-duty enforcement officers attending without a warrant will be considered trespassers and will be sued as such.

Be open minded - everyone is at the party for consensual sex and fun with other people.

  • If that is not what you want - please don't come.
  • We all like different things, if someone is doing something you do not enjoy, do not watch.
  • Please, only do what you want to do. You can say No or Stop at anytime to anyone.

Don't stay in the bedrooms and talk - this is very off-putting for everyone - it's ok to watch, preferred if you join in.

  • Don't stand and critique the action.
  • If you want to talk to someone please go to either the bar or the kitchen area.

Avoid Discussing Politics or Religion - People attend swingers parties for fun.

  • We do not want the event to be spoiled by arguments.

Squirting - Please be considerate. Ladies, if you are a squirter please put some towels on the bed before playing, and put them in a hamper afterwards.

  • Spare towels can be found in the cupboards in all 3 bathrooms.
  • The mattresses all have protectors on them, but guests following you will not enjoy playing on a wet bed.
  • We are not a club, so we don't have staff running around cleaning up after you.

No Scat or pissing games - We do not have the facilities for them.

  • We hold our parties in our home, we do not appreciate cleaning feces and/or urine from the beds or bathrooms.

For further information on good party behavior see the etiquette page