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What Does It Cost To Attend?

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What Does It Cost To Attend?

How Much Does It Cost To Attend a Party?

2024 Donations

Sadly, we are going to have to increase our donation request for 2024.

The costs of everything at the parties has been going up due to inflation. It has reached the point where we are losing too much money on each event. We can no longer afford to subsidize the events to the same level as in the past.

The success of the parties has meant that our costs have risen much more than we expected.

We are sorry that this will make it too expensive for some of you to keep attending, but we cannot afford to spend all our money paying for our guests to have fun!

In 2023 we had just one event (The BBQ) where we almost broke even on direct costs! We only spent $100 more on the event than we received in donations. When you add in all the indirect costs we always lose several hundred dollars at each event.

  • Mixed Sex Couples: $75
  • Single Ladies: $30
  • Single Men: $75
  • FMM Poly Group: $150
  • FFM Poly Group: $105
  • Female Couple: $60
  • Male Couple: $150 ($75 if you are married)

We keep the suggested donation as low as possible, only asking you for an amount to cover some of the costs of running the parties.

In over 20 years we have never made a profit running parties, as the costs are always greater than the income over a year.

We run our parties for our own enjoyment as well as that of our guests, which is why we are happy to subsidize the events.

We currently accept payments from couples and ladies at the door, or be CC or DC at the door or at the time of booking, or in cash or by e-transfer in advance at [email protected] quoting your party nickname and party date.

Single men must pay by CC or DC at the time of booking , or by e-transfer within 24 hours of booking, or the booking is cancelled.

There is no charge for the drinks on the drink list. The alcoholic drinks are all donated by the party sponsors.

We ask for a donation to help cover the costs of the things most guests don't even think about:

  • The cost of the food.
  • The cost of preparing for and cleaning up after a party.
  • The wear and tear on the beds and bedding (we have to replace 2-3 mattresses every year).
  • Up front and running costs for the Hot Tub. (the slab, Hot Tub and installation cost over $25k CAD)
  • Up front and running costs of building the bar, the purchase and running costs of fridges to keep the drinks cold.
  • The costs of towels, sheets, toilet paper, wipes, dish washer tablets etc.
  • Laundry costs.

In our survey in 2021 we asked what people think is a reasonable donation to suggest, the most chosen answer was been $50 per couple or single man.

We ask for a nominal $10 per single lady, as economically single ladies are usually the least wealthy.

We kept the prices the same for 2022 and in November 2022 we decided that as the economy is still slow and many people are short on cash we would maintain the prices at 2021 levels for 2023 as well.

However the financial squeeze has meant that we can no longer subsidize the events to the same amount, in 2022 we were subsidizing each event by about $200, in 2023 we were subsidizing each event by $500.

Where does the money go?

In addition to buying the normal party consumables in 2023 we also spent over $9000 on items for the parties (as opposed to things for our personal use):

  • Ice Making Machine: $700
  • Plumber for ice machine: $300
  • An additional bed: $2000
  • 5 New sheets and 10 pillow slips for beds: $100
  • 3 New comforter sets for overnight guests: $300
  • A further 50 towels: $650
  • Parts to repair the hot tub headrests: $50
  • 2 garden heaters: $250
  • 2 extra propane tanks for heaters: $120
  • Construction of a parking area: $4500 and counting
  • A power amplifier for the music system: $490
  • 100 new glasses for the bar: $120
  • New shelving and lighting for the bar: $350
  • Shelving for the booze stocks: $300
  • The temporary shelter in the garden for smokers: $1600
  • Heater for smokers area: $150
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