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Jo and David's

Atlantic Canada Swingers Parties

Information About The Parties

About The Parties

Information About Our Parties

When will the parties be held?

We usually hold 2 parties each month.

We hold a Greedy Girls party on the first or second Saturday of the month.

We hold a Couples and Singles party on the last Saturday of each month.

The weekends may change as we try to avoid conflicting with public holidays when most people want to spend time with their families.

Please check the Scheduled Parties Page for the list of events currently planned.

Where are the parties held?

  • The parties will be held in our home. The house is not overlooked and has plenty of off-road parking for guests.
  • These parties are genuine house parties, we are not a swingers club.
  • Our house is in Chamcook, just outside Saint Andrews in New Brunswick. For the exact address and maps click here.

Who can attend?

Different parties will cater for people with different tastes.

Greedy Girl Parties

We try to have a ratio of at least 1.5 men per lady.

We increase the ticket allowance for single men as the number of ladies booking increases.

  • These are by far our most popular parties with lots of greedy girls attending
  • Some of the ladies are straight looking for fun with men
  • Some are bisexual looking for fun with guys or girls
  • Some are lesbians looking for fun with bisexual or lesbian ladies.
  • Important:
    • These events are greedy girl events, the participants are all guests.
    • We do not pay hostesses to play with other guests.
    • The girls may ask you to play, but you need to interact with other guests.
    • No-one is obliged to have sex with anyone.
    • No ALWAYS means NO.
    • Sex is never guaranteed at a Greedy Girls party.

Couples and Singles Parties

  • All of these parties will be open to mixed sex couples of all ages.
  • All of these parties will be open to single ladies of all ages.
  • A limited number of single men will be invited to attend.
  • Guests may be straight or bisexual.

Bareback Parties

In November 2023 we held a poll to find out if our guests wanted us to arrange any other type of parties. The most popular choice on the poll was for a bareback party. We will be trying to arrange one during 2024.

  • These parties are for couples and singles who like bareback (no condoms) sex
  • All Couples.
  • an equal number of single ladies and single men

Bisex Parties

  • These parties are for bisexual couples,
  • for Bisexual Singles.
  • and for Bisexual Groups.

Gay Parties

  • If enough people are interested in gay parties we will organize events for gay men or gay females.

BDSM Parties

  • We are happy to arrange BDSM parties if there is enough demand.

Couples only Parties

We no longer hold couples only parties as we could never get enough couples interested to make it a viable event.