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How will we know who wants to play with us?

Frequent Questions

How will we know who wants to play with us?

  • The guestlist lets you know a little bit about the other guests, plus some of them provide links to their profiles on swingers dating sites.
  • When you are here you will probably see someone you like the look of, and then its up to you. Flirt, maintain eye contact, be bold, ask the person if they would like to play. Watch them if they are playing in one of the play areas, and see if they let you join in.
  • Watch people, if they are interested in you they will probably try to catch your attention.
  • If people are playing, and you approach them, they have the choice to say No. If they do not say No, then join in the action.
  • If anyone says No to you. Please respect their wishes and leave them in peace. Do not pursue them, you will be wasting your time and probably causing the other party distress. If you do persist we will ask you to leave the party.
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