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What is the Darkroom?

Frequent Questions

What is the Darkroom?

The darkroom is not alaways available. Check the event description to find out which events it will be in use.

The darkroom is the playroom in the lowest level.

The lights are disconnected, the curtains drawn and the door kept closed with a curtain covering the doorway.

This room is for people who want some mystery with their playtime.

You may enter this room at any time.

The Darkroom Rules

  • No Talking - that spoils the anonymity.
  • No Lights - pull the curtains around you before you open the door.
  • No Restrictions - play with whoever is in the room - it's time to be flexible!
  • Enter Naked - It's too difficult to find clothes afterwards in the dark.
  • Condoms - If you want to use a condom, take them in with you.
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