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Party Guest Vetting

How Do You Vet Your Guests?

We like to keep it simple:

We check your profile, we listen to any feedback from other guests.

Unless we are warned that you are a trouble maker, or we, or another event host has banned you from attending you will remain on the guestlist.

We ban people for outing others, for fighting (verbally or physically), for failing to attend after booking (unless you let us know in advance), for breaking house rules, failing to stop when told No.

There are several people in our group who have run events in the past, or who run events now. We listen to their feedback on guests who have caused issues in the past and who we should not invite (so far one man has been denied membership due to past behaviour).

We do not put people through a formal vetting process, their behaviour at their first event lets us know if they should be allowed to attend again.

In our first year of parties here in Canada we have had to exclude five people due to their behaviour at our parties.

We only had to exclude 2 couples in 16 years of parties in Spain.

We never had to exclude anyone in the UK.

We have been running these types of events since 1997, David has been attending events since 1974. There has been a noticeable decline in the politeness of guests in those 49 years, probably partly due to the much greater number of people now involved.