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What Are The Strike Stamps on Some Profiles?

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What Are The Strike Stamps on Some Profiles?

What Are The Strike Stamps on Some Profiles?

A strike flag is our way of indicating that a person is unreliable or flakey.

Failure to notify people when you need to cancel is just bad manners.

In this Century there are so many ways to contact people to cancel a meeting or a party attendance - there is no reason for not communicating.

What Are The Flags Used For?

  • Other members of the site look for the Genuine and Strike flags to judge if a person/couple is worth meeting.
  • We use the guest list to work out how much food and drink will be required for a party.
  • Other guests use the list to see if they like the look of the people who have booked.
  • Some guests like to see a very busy party, if people fail to show the party will be quieter than expected and may dissapoint them.
  • Your booking reduces the number of places for other guests to book.
  • If you book to attend you are blocking other people from attending. Failing to unsubscribe or cancel your booking until just before the party starts means that another couple misses out on an evening of fun as most people cannot change their plans last minute.

We only add a strike flag to a profile when

  • A person/couple let us down by booking to attend a party and not removing themselves from the list before noon on the day of the party.
    • If you find that you cannot attend an event, please remove your booking from the guest list and send us a SMS to tell us.
    • On party days we are so busy getting the house and food ready we do not have time to monitor the guestlist to see if people have removed their names.
    • It only takes a few seconds to click the "Unsubscribe" button on the guest list page and send us a message.
    • Or you can drop us a SMS
    • Or a WhatsApp message
    • Or a Telegram message
    • Or send us an email to tell us that you cannot attend.
  • A person arranges with us to attend a social meeting, then fails to show.
  • A person/couple arranges to meet us for a play date, then fails to show or contact us to cancel.
  • A person/couple arranges to meet personal friends of ours for a play date, then fails to show or contact them to cancel.

We do not add the flag if a person cancels before noon on the day of the party, a few hours notice is better than nothing.

Cancelling after noontime is as bad as not showing. You have been catered for and you have blocked other potential guests from attending.

Why is the number different on some profiles?

We have a 2 strike policy.

  • 1 missed event or meetup gets a "Strike 1" flag
  • 2 missed events or meetups and we will block the users email address and IP address and not extend any more invitations to our events.

How Can I Get a Strike Flag Removed?

  • Arrange to come to another party, Show Up and Join In.
  • A second no-show will mean your profile will be deleted and we will not invite you to future events.

Bad News Travels

Swingers advise each other of people who have let them down.

If you get a reputation as being unreliable the information will quickly travel through the community.

If you get a reputation as being rude or disrespectful that information will spread quickly as well.

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