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What Should I expect at a Swingers Party?

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What Should I expect at a Swingers Party?

People having sex with others!

Our guests are all at the party to have fun.

Every party is slightly different, depending upon the experience and confidence of the guests.

Generally our format is that on arrival new guests will be shown around the property so that they know where everything is. We will also introduce the new arrivals to guests already here.

After the tour we will have to leave you either in the bar area or the lounge area with a drink while we give other guests a tour.

At this point you should try chatting with the other guests, just like you would at any other party.

These chats will help you decide if you want to play with them at some point later in the evening, or at some time in the future. Many people make friendships that last for years after meeting at our parties.

Depending on the confidence level of the other guest they may ask you if you would like to join them in a playroom. Only play if you, or you and your partner, want to.

If you are interested in playing with the person asking you to play, great, go for it and have fun.

You can decline to play by saying "No Thank You" or you can buy some thinking time by saying "Maybe a little later", or "Not tonight Thanks".

Explanations are not required, however if it is your first party you could tell the others that you are new and not sure if you are ready to play yet.

Remember also, if you ask someone to play and they say "No Thanks" they do not have to explain why not.

Reasons people may say no are many, it could be that you don't match what they are looking for, they could be out to fulfill a certain fantasy that you don't fit into.

Don't get upset if you are rejected. The same person/people may be interested at the next party when they are fulfilling a different fantasy.

If someone does say no, do not harass them by following them around or asking again.

Everyone has different likes and dislikes, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are all interested in the idea of having sex with other people as well as with our own partners.

There are no rules that say you must have sex at a party, but naturally we prefer to have players attend, as it is more fun for everyone.

  • Our parties are very easy going and relaxed. There is no pressure on anyone to join in the action.
  • You should expect to see people dressed in very revealing clothes, or maybe walking around naked.
  • You should expect to see people having sexual intercourse in the the playrooms and almost anywhere except the Kitchen & Dining areas which are the "Safe Zones".
  • You should expect to see people having oral sex.
  • You should expect to be watched and possibly touched whilst having sex with others, if you are happy for them to join you encourage them with a smile. If you don't want to be involved with that person simply say no, or push their hand away.
  • If you are playing and see someone watching who you would like to have join you reach out to them, or ask them to join in.
  • You should also be prepared to be approached by people who would like you to join in these activities as well, though a polite no thank-you will be sufficient to stop any unwanted approaches.
  • The kitchen and dining areas are the "Safe Zones" where you may see people kissing and touching each other, but full sex should be taken to one of the play rooms, or the curtained area behind the bar.
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