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Is Bisexual Activity Allowed?

Frequent Questions

Is Bisexual Activity Allowed?

  • Yes, Bi-sexual activity is allowed at our events, but it is not compulsory.
  • Female bi-sexual activity is pretty much regarded as normal.
  • Male bi-sexual activity is becoming more acceptable at swinging events, but you should check the wristband of the other guest before touching someone of the same sex.
  • If you are at the party and you want to know if someone is straight or bi-sexual check their wristband, if they are not wearing one ask Jo or David to check their profile for you. We have a tablet computer in the bar.
  • If you are playing and someone you do not want to play with touches you to join in, just say "No Thanks".
  • We do not have enough rooms to specify what action can occur in each room.
  • If you do not like seeing people of the same sex playing, please just go to another room, do not make comments. People disrespecting other guests will be asked to leave.
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