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Why Do I Need To Book To Attend a Party?

Frequent Questions

Why Do I Need To Book To Attend a Party?

The reason we ask people to book is so that we are not swamped with too many guests, also so that we don't run a party if not enough people show an interest in attending.

We also need to know roughly how much food to prepare so that we don't waste a lot of money.

We have found that if we have a guest list people see that there are other people going and it will be worth going along to join the fun.

We like to ensure that there are not too many singles for the number of couples.

We will not allow any single men to attend if they are not on the guest list.

We do not allow husbands to attend if they have booked as a couple.

We do not expect real names or face photos, unless you want them on the list. Nicknames and Avatars are fine. But please tell us your ages and sexualities.

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