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What Are The Genuine Stamps on Some Profiles?

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What Are The Genuine Stamps on Some Profiles?

What Are The Genuine Stamps on Some Profiles?

There are 2 genuine stamps that show what we know about people.

Genuine Swinger

The Green Genuine Stamp that confirms the person has been to a party or social arranged by us, or we have met them at a lifestyle social event somewhere and they have behaved respectfully. 

Genuine Swinger

The Red Genuine Stamp is for people we know are genuine swingers: either one of us has played with the person, or a person we know has played with them, or we have watched them play at an event.

How Can I Get A Genuine Stamp?

  • You cannot get a stamp just by asking for one, or telling us you have been to swingers events. We are basically forming a web of trust.
  • If you have played with one of the couples on our site who already has a Genuine Stamp you can ask them to nominate you for a Stamp.
  • If you attend a party and have not been asked to leave we will automatically give you a Green Stamp.
  • If you attend a party and we have seen you playing, or if either one of us have played with you, or one of the other guests who is genuine tells us you played we will give you a Red Stamp.

I have Genuine Stamp, How Do I Nominate a Friend?

  • If you have a Red Stamp you can nominate other members for one, but only if you played with that person, and if that person responds to emails or messages from us.
  • You can either tell us at a party in person, or send a message through the members area to our profile "Jo and David", or send us an email to [email protected]

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