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What is the sign up process?

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What is the sign up process?

This site is built for guests at our events to get to know each other a bit before meeting at an event.

We accept most people into our group, but we do reserve the right to exclude people we know to be trouble, or who we have been warned about.

In view of this we have a three step process for joining the site.

  • Step one.
    • You need to create a meaningful profile.
    • Your profile should contain some information about both of you if you are a couple.
    • Profiles need a profile picture or an avatar.
    • Profiles must have an active email address to recieve the activation email. (This email address must remain active. If emails start bouncing or you report our mails as spam or junk we will delete your profile)
  • Step two.
    • The system will send you an activation email which includes a link that you need to hit.
      • If you cannot find the activation email please check your spam folder and junk folder.
      • All messages from the party site will come from either [email protected] or [email protected].
      • If the mail is not in Junk or Spam drop us an email at [email protected] and we will activate your profile manually.
    • Once your profile is activated you will be able to view the guest lists, view other members profiles and write private messages to other members.
  • Step three.
    • This is a manual step where either Jo or David will read your profile and decide whether or not to fully activate your profile.
    • If your profile is deemed lacking in information or reads like a fake profile we will delete it.
    • If you use a dick picture as an avatar/profile picture we will assume you are a dick and change the avatar.
    • If we decide that you look OK, we will fully activate your profile.
    • Once fully activated you will be able to add your name to Guest Lists for our events.
    • We usually activate profiles within an hour during normal working hours - 9am to 7pm, if you create your profile after 7pm it may not be fully activated until the following morning.
    • If we are on vacation, activation may be delayed, we are usually in Asia, so the time difference is about 12 hours, also we spend a lot of time on or under the water often many miles out to sea so we have no internet coverage. Your profile will be activated when we are awake and have internet access.
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