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Party Dress Code

A Common Question We Hear Regularly is What Should I Wear?

Our dress code is simple:

Dress to Impress: Clubwear or sexier always works, so dress like you're on a date looking to score.

  • Smart Casual
  • Lingerie
  • Towel/Sarong
  • Naked

To Give a Bit More Guidance

  • Wear something light, we keep the heat cranked up in winter (about 23C/74F) so it is comfortable to get naked!
  • The most obvious answer is to wear something you are comfortable in. If you feel comfortable you will also feel more confident.
  • Don't wear anything too expensive, remember with any luck it will soon be in a pile on the floor!
  • If we are holding a theme party, then if possible join in the fun by dressing for the theme of the night. If not, wear whatever you are comfortable in.
  • Most guests will be dressed in whatever they feel most comfortable wearing.
  • Many will dress to please members of the opposite/same sex.
  • Ladies tend to wear pretty lingerie, or revealing dresses.
  • Men tend to wear shirt and slacks and maybe change into their party underwear as the night goes on.
  • You may go naked if you wish, but please always sit on a towel!
  • When we hold a fancy dress party, we encourage people to join the fun by dressing to the party theme.

We Like People To Look As Nice As Possible

We don't have a ban on the following, but would prefer it if people did not wear:

You want to appear attractive to the other guests if you want to play, so make an effort to be attractive.

  • Tracksuits
  • Shell Suits
  • Wife Beaters
  • Work wear
  • Dirty clothes
  • Clothing branded with religious themes - except at a fancy dress party
  • Clothing branded with political symbols or slogans