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The Party Venue

About The Party Venue

What Facilities Are At The Party Venue?

House Facilities

We keep the house at a temperature between 21C/70F in the bar and 23C/74F upstairs so that it is warm enough for people to discard their clothes in comfort.

Nudity is acceptable everywhere in the house, but please sit on a towel.

Play is allowed in all playrooms, the curtained area of the bar after midnight, and the lounge.

The top floor of the house is couples only. No single males.

The house is 3600 square feet split over 3 levels.

On the bottom floor we have:

  • A 600 square feet bar with seating for 20+ people.
    • Until Midnight this is the safe zone, flirting and touching only, no full action.
      After midnight play is acceptable in the curtained lounge area.
    • A big screen TV showing adult films.
    • A Dartboard.
    • Twister and other games.
  • Bathroom 3.
  • Playroom 4 with king size bed.
  • Locker/Changing Room.
  • The Laundry.

On the main floor we have:

  • The kitchen & dining area, where the buffet will be available from 6pm.
  • The lounge with big screen TV showing adult films and with seating for 6-10 people.
  • Playroom 3 with a queen size bed.
  • Bathroom 2.

On the top floor we have: - The Couples Only Zone

Couples and Single Ladies only upstairs - No Single Men

  • Playroom 1 with queen size bed.
  • Playroom 2 with queen size bed and a love couch.
  • Bathroom 1.

The Bathrooms

Please leave the bathroom in a clean condition after you use it. If you find a bathroom dirty please alert us so that we can clean it up.

Gentlemen, please urinate into the toilet, not on the floor around it or on the seat.

Do not put any wipes, condoms, sanitary towels in the toilets, we are on a septic system, please put anything other than poop and pee into one of the bins in each room.

Please do not engage in sexual activity in the bathrooms, other people may need to use them for a call of nature.

There are plenty of towels in each bathroom, if you can only see dirty ones, look in the bathroom closet for fresh ones, put dirty towels into a hamper.

Big Please: No Scat or Pissing games in the bathrooms or anywhere on the property, neither we nor our cleaning lady want to clean up the results.


Attire: You may wear clothes or be naked in all areas. For hygiene reasons if you are naked please sit on a towel.

Sanitizer: There is hand sanitizer in every room, please use when you wish.

Smokers: There is a smoking area outside the back door, we do not allow smoking inside the house.

Tissues: There are tissues and wipes in every playroom.

Trash: There are bins in every room for used condoms, wipes, tissues etc. After the October 2021 party we found used condoms under pillows and under the bed.

Squirters: Please play on a towel if you squirt, the next players will not appreciate a wet patch and even though we use mattress protectors some leaks through and shortens the life of the mattress.

Coming Soon

Hot Tub: We hope to have a hot tub in place sometime in the Spring of 2022.

We have been busy building since we moved here, so far we have built the bar, the new bathroom, changing room, laundry and playroom 4. We have almost finished the garage.

Some timelines have slipped due to slow contractors and a house fire.

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